Advanced Shooting

This intense 2-day individual firearms training course with Andrzej Marczak focuses on tactical speed shooting, development of aggressive gun-handling skills and dynamic action while deploying the semi-automatic pistol.


Students will develop reflexive gun-handling skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.



Handgun operator Level 1 semi advance

* Firearms safety,

* Fundamentals of tactical shooting, 

* Grips, Shooting stances and draw.,

* Multiple shots, One/Two- hand shooting,

* Kneeling and prone shooting positions,

* Barricade shooting (shooting from cover) Innovative and unique training methods.

* Firearm Transitions,

* Tactical Shooting Positions,

* Dynamics of gunfighting,

* Balancing speed and accuracy, Multiple targets, 

* Stress Inoculation,

* Cumulative Real World Scenario Drills,

* Firing In pairs,

* Threat and risk assessment

Duration: 2 day

Minimum Candidates: 4

Cost: 300 euro

Including: weapons,ammunition, shooting range, transport for training, t-shirt, certificate




Handgun operator Level 2 Advanced

* Firearms training safety rules review.

* Principals of personal defense.

* Advanced pistol methodology and concepts.

* Mental conditioning and combat mindset.

* Review of shooting fundamentals.

* The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip.

* Methodology of combat shooting the pistol.

* Refining presentation of the pistol from the holster.

* Refining presentation of the pistol from ready pistol.

* Presentation of the pistol from position SUL.

* Balancing speed and accuracy.

* Tactical speed shooting concepts.

* Reducing stimulus / response time.

* Multi-shot progressive shooting drills.

* Multi-shot rhythm drills and split time reduction strategies.

* Moving off the line of force and lateral displacement.

* Threat assessment and area scanning.

* Dominating the weapon, threat and visual areas.

* Engaging threats while advancing and withdrawing.

* Engaging threats during continuous movement.

* Engaging threats from static turns and pivots.

* Engaging multiple threats while negotiating obstacles.

* Ammunition management and reloading techniques.

* Malfunction clearance drills.

* Combat gun-handling skills.

* Multiple threat engagement strategies.

* Weapon retention issues.

* Disparity of force issues.

* Team shoot-offs on steel and paper targets.

* Man vs. man stress course – combined skills evaluation.

* Combat handgun qualification course.

Duration: 3 days

Minimum Candidates: 4

Cost: 650 euro

Including: hotel,meals, weapons, ammunition, shooting range, transport for training, t-shirt, certificate



National requirement test preparation: 

Long Barrelled + Handgun operator Pro

Duration: 3 days

Minimum Candidates: 4

Cost: 850 euro

Including: hotel, weapons, ammunition, shooting range, transport for training, t-shirt, certificate



Level 4 ( instructor )

Duration: 4 days

Minimum Candidates: 4

Cost: 1000 euro

Including: weapons, ammunition, 4 days shooting range, transport for training, patch, t-shirt,certificate