Combat Shooting Instructor Course   

Poland    14-17.03.2019


Close Protection Instructor Course     

Poland  9-12.05.2019




Poland   18-19.05.2019


International Experts & Instructors Meeting and Grading   

Spain/Poland    March/May 2019



Tactical Krav Maga Camp GLADIATOR         

Poland   1-6.07.2019


Undercover Instructor Course         

Poland 2019



Military Instructor Course   

Poland 2020


SWAT & Antiterror Instructor Course   

Poland   October/November 2019


CQB/CQC Operator Instructor Course   

Poland 2019


Air Marshal Course 

Poland 2019


Law Enforcement Instructor Course 

Poland  November 2019


Combat Rescue/ TCCC    

Poland 2019


Seminar How 2 Win       

Europe 2019




Survival and Fighting in Case of Emergency. 

Restaurant, hotel, bar, bus, educational institutions, shopping center, bank. Realistic training with the use of 1000 different scenarios. The most advanced Laser Shot shooting trainer. Professional equipment, professional instructors.


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