Gladiator Camp


Gladiator Camp

This is a specialist camp preparing students and instructors to work for Police, Army, security services.

Its structure relies on the introduction of special forces specificity and learning techniques and tactics used in different types of units.

Participants learn the techniques of disabling, handcuffing, combat shooting, interventional techniques also survival in a critical situation

that can occur during the attack on the street or unexpected terrorist attack.

Participants of the first level can be everyone not depending on the level of Krav Maga. Classes will be held in special CQB premises, on the

bus, on the train, in the forest, at the gym with the use of laser weapons, at the shooting range using firearms, on water using Rib

motorboat and paintball markers, training with the RED MAN(special protective gear).

Training of realistic scenarios on the street and on Public Transport. Defence against dangerous tools in close distances and on the ground.



Realised in author’s curriculum titled “Two Gold seconds” Participants receive t-shirts, certificates of attending the specialist camp and Gladiator level 1 or 2 patches. For people training Krav Maga, there will be possible to pass for the next Krav Maga level.


Duration: 5 days

Minimum participants: 10

Cost: 450 euro – including hotel, meals, shooting range, ammo, training, t-shirt, patch, certificates

Tonfa multi-purpose course with a certificate for each participant in the camp – free

In addition: it is possible to complete the Knife Combat and Self Defense Instructor course during the camp. The cost of the course is 400 euros. There is a 50% discount for camp participants – only 200 euros.

Don’t delay This opportunity comes once every few years!



24-28 August 2020