Hostile Environment survival tactics

* Kidnap situations (avoidance & confrontations)

* Kidnapping methods , planned attacks

* Firearms fundamentals regarding pistols, rifles & shotguns

tactic shooting multiple threats, multiple directions

* Advanced stoppages & malfunctions, solutions under stress

* Tactical movement shooting techniques, intermediate & advanced

* Using weapons around & inside vehicles 

* Force on force situations, advanced complex & realistic scenarios

* Use of deadly force & threat/ risk analysis, problem solving under stressful situations

* Live fire -short distance

Level 1 Civilian (kidnapping) 

Duration: 3 days

Minimum Candidates: 6

Cost: 300 euro

Including: weapons, shooting range, ammo, certificate


SAFE 2 PRO  ( the most aggressive course of combat shooting in a situation of survival and struggle for life. 

22-25 October 2020 Kielce, Poland

Duration: 4 days

Minimum Candidates: 4

Cost: 650 euro

Including: hotel, meals, weapons, shooting range, ammo, transport for training, certificate